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Return for next immunization on: ________________ (Date) FEEDING PROBLEMS • Do you breastfeed your child? Yes___ No ____ If Yes, how many times in 24 hours? _____ times. Do you breastfeed during the night? Yes___ No ____ • Does the child take any other food or fluids? ________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________ How many times per day? _____ times. What do you use to feed the child? ________________________________ If low weight for age: How large are servings?

_______________________ ______________________________________________________ • Determine weight for age. Low ___ Not Low _____ • Look for ulcers or white patches in the mouth (thrush). If the infant has any difficulty feeding, is feeding less than 8 times in 24 hours , is taking any other food or drinks, or is low wieght for age or low birth weight ( lesss than 2500 gram ), or is in the first week of life And has NO indications to refer urgently to hospital: ASSESS BREAST FEEDING ASSESS BREASTFEEDING: If infant has not fed in the previous hour, ask the mother to put her infant to the breast.

Look and feel for bulging fontanelle. • Look for pus draining from the ear. • Look at the eyes. Is it draining pus ? Is pus draining associated with redness and swelling ? • Look at umbilicus. Is it red or draining pus? Does the redness extend to the skin? 5°C or feels cool). • Look for skin pustules. Are there many or severe pustules? • See if young infant is lethargic or unconscious. • Look at young infant’s movements. Less than normal? DOES THE INFANT HAVE SIGNIFICANT JAUNDICED? Yes—No— • Has jaundice started in the first 24 hours ?

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